What's Up With The Teddy Bears?


So you saw the pic of the teddy bears huh.


Clicked on it and discovered there was a link behind it huh.


"So dude.  Wuz up wit da bears man?" you might be asking right now.


Well, like so many Americans, I'm way overweight.  So much that I finally decided I was tired of it and needed to do something about it.  Besides the health issues etc that can come as a result of being overweight, it also affects how the bike rides.  Face it, remove some weight from the bike and it'll get better MPG and go faster.


So after seeing a few of the commercials and checking it out online, I decided to give Nutrisystem a try for ONE month.


Well darn it.  The system works.  So I've been on the diet/new way of eating since 12/04/06 and you can see my progress on the chart below.  Steadily headed in downward direction so I'm happy.  Not to mention that all my clothes in my closet is now a bit too big for me.  A very cool feeling.


So to my surprise, in my order that just got delivered for February, I opened it up to find these two guys.  I'd seen the graphics people were using on the Nutrisystem boards, but I thought that's all they were.  I had no idea they actually sent them to you as you loose the weight.  A different color bear for every 10lbs you loose.  Neat.  I guess I got about 6 or 7 more bears coming in my future.  I've actually already lost over 30 lbs, but I guess I'll have to weight :-) till my next order to get that one.


The Results
The Bears






Update: Aril 2007


Yup, now there are FOUR bears...and more will be on the way as I am now at 54lbs down.


Update: May 2007


And then there were SIX.  Good thing we live in a house of brick in case the wolf comes for a visit.


Update: November 2009


Well, its now been a couple of years and I'd be lying if I didn't say there was a little bit of a back slide there for about a year or so where I gained back about 30 to 35 pounds of the weight I'd lost.


But today I'm proud to report that I'm back where I was!


Update: May 2010


Been a little while since my last update.


After a new found commitment, lifestyle change, and dedication, I'd like to introduce bear number SEVEN


And just another 4 to 5 pounds and bear number 8 will be on the way.


Here's a neat little before and after picture.



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